CN Rail Keeps Cancelling Shares

cn rail share bb

Ticker: CNR |  Market: TSX  |  Price: $95.33  |  Yield: 1.73%  |  Cap: $70.8B

Canadian National Railway, has long been a favorite holding of mine and it’s pretty darn easy to see why … these guys love to buy-back their own stock! When you own a mature, unique asset like 20,000 miles of railway track, the cash flow keeps rolling in, and these guys keep passing it on to shareholders with annual dividend hikes (just did a 10% hike in January) and nice share buy-back programs. Since the depths of the recession in 2008, CN Rail has cancelled 21% of it’s share base. This is a great Canadian company and I expect to keep riding this gravy train well into my golden years. All aboard!

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