XBRL TO XL – this is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to download corporate filings directly from the SEC. This site is the source mechanism that has enabled LongTrend to quickly compile significant amounts of financial data. The interface is easy to use and they offer value added options that make standardizing and comparing financial information easy.
MORNINGSTAR – Morningstar has some of the most comprehensive and clean financial information on the web. They also have a powerful equity screening tool and excellent analyst commentary on a wide breadth of securities.
US DIVIDEND CHAMPIONS by Dave Fish – this is an excellent resource for dividend focused investors. In order to become a US Dividend Champion, a company has to pay and raise a dividend every year for at least 25 years! This is no simple feat for any business and as a result, businesses on this list tend to have lasting competitive advantages due to unique assets that have allowed them to stand the test of time.
CANADIAN DIVIDEND ALL-STARS by Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement – this is the Canadian equivalent to the US Dividend Champions list. This list contains many great Canadian stocks to buy and hold, some of which have been in business and paying a dividend for over 100 years.